Mouse capture issue.

Started by InsanityBringer, December 09, 2011, 04:03:04 AM

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Hi, I've been poking around At A Distance (I doubt I'll be playing it through fully though until I can convince a friend to overlook the graphical style for once :/) and while I've been enjoying what I've been seeing, I'm suffering an irritating issue with the gameplay: The game isn't capturing my mouse. While the game seems to work normally when you reach the edge of the screen, in my case one of the edges is "missing" in fullscreen, since I run two monitors, and this means that my mouse can leave the game area and hover over other windows. Any accidental click can take away the focus of the game when this happens. While I guess this isn't a problem in fullscreen with one monitor, I'm also getting the issue in Windowed mode and it's even worse there because the chance of the mouse leaving the borders of the window is much higher.

Is this something wrong with my computer, or is it a bug?


Ah, sorry - it's not a bug exactly, just not something I took into account that I probably should have - your multiple monitor setup is throwing off my look code.

I'll make a patch for this at a later date when a few issues pile up. Thanks for letting me know!