Sequence break? Did I win?

Started by cams, December 08, 2011, 01:43:32 PM

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I was playing this single player. I'm not sure which cubes I went through, but I managed to get the cyan key after getting the green and red keys. Then I went through the cyan gate and got the pyramid level cube, and went back and found that the connecting room changed.
So I think the cyan key was meant to be the last key, but I got it early. Is something like this supposed to happen?

Also, I think I was supposed to connect the cubes in one of the three given orders and connect the pyramid at the end, but I just connected the pyramid directly to the starting cube. Then as the left brain, I went through the door, hoping to enter the pyramid. But the left screen went yellow, and the right screen went red for a while and the game restarted to the begining. What happened? Did I win?


Every in that description sounded normal. Congrats on finishing it!

Quote from: cams on December 08, 2011, 01:43:32 PM
I was playing this single player.



I played this with my brother, and we ended up doing pretty much the same thing as cams. It was kinda confusing when the screens just went red and yellow, as the game just seemed to end really abruptly.

I really like how emergent the gameplay was, both players learning through just playing the game, and the graphics really set the atmosphere.


Cams, you're right about the order of the rooms having significance. I played through with a friend, and we had the same thing happen initially, so we went back through, obtained all the possible rooms and put them together in one of the three orders displayed in the final room.

Incredible work of art, Terry. Loved every second ;D


Finished it with a friend over an internet connection without seeing his screen, only teamspeak.

I t was quite fun...

:verdigris: "So i'm in the green room now, which way?"
:viridian: "Left left..."
:viridian: "euhm i mean right"
:verdigris: "Thanks, im now in limbo again.."