Is this a glitch or a secret?

Started by someonethatfailed, December 29, 2011, 05:11:01 AM

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It's easier to show in video than words:
Maybe this has to do with getting it for no death mode. :viridian:
The glitch is the two platforms.
BTW,the final level music sound awesome on 3ds. :viridian:
P.S. I figured out how to get the trinket.



Just trying to get views for his youtube video?  ;)
there is no glitch.


Look at the 2 platforms on the top. It moves when Viridian dies and also when Viridian leaves and returns to the room.


The Brass

Interesting. I'm pretty sure it's there to make sure you don't unfairly miss getting the trinket. Think about it: you free the moving platform from above, and then kill yourself. But the platform is on the left side of its movement path, and is now stuck and unusable! Oh noes! So the moving platform is teleported to the right so that you can use it to get the trinket no matter what. How unlike the person who created Doing Things The Hard Way.

In that video, the moving platform is actually teleported into the gap, and common sense would say that it's free to move. However, it's a custom coded event, so it won't move unless the disappearing platform is stepped on. That's also why there's no checkpoint in Exhaust Chute.