I need help getting scripts to work on level editor.

Started by Thedreaminghawk, January 07, 2012, 09:52:42 PM

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Hello. I downloaded the scripting level tutorial for the game so I can have text pop up when I use terminals, approach characters, ETC. But when I played it and tried it on the level editor to get a terminal to talk, nothing happens. I type in the word say when It asks for the ID (I don't know what that means, as when I add a text box it asks for the ID, but it never lets me type words in), but it still does nothing.

So can someone please explain exactly what to type for the ID for terminals so I can get the conversation I would like to be installed to appear?


For the ID, you do not type in the script code. Rather, you type in a name to identify that specific script with, such as "terminal" or something along those lines.

Then, after placing said terminal, press esc to go to the menu and choose edit scripts. There, you will find the id name you typed in, ready to accept your code.

Damn It AL to Hell

You need to do this:

Say= terminal
reply= Viridian


Example: say (number of rows written)



So that's how it works, thank you! hopefully I can put the last touches on my 1.0 version of my level so I can post it on here. Thank you!

Damn It AL to Hell