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Positive Force + Pushing Onwards
« on: February 06, 2012, 11:45:28 pm »
After seeing Souleye's comment on this video, I had to try it!

My comment on the video:
I had to overlap them a bit, but it matches completely naturally, and even weirder, the mix as a single track loops more naturally than original Positive Force did, at least IMO!

I uploaded it (as FLAC) for the convenience of anyone interested:
(hopefully that doesn't count as shock horror copyright infringement, it's not really much different to uploading it on YouTube and really, anyone who likes the music should go buy it if  they haven't already, but hey a mod can easily remove the link if need be)

This will be staying in my playlist as a single track now  :)

However, now that I've confirmed the two songs are indeed made from the same "base", it makes me wonder even more why they're used where they're used. I always saw Positive Force as a kind of "boss" theme since it plays for multiple events, whereas Pushing Onwards is, when it comes down to it, just a regular stage theme like Pressure Cooker and Potential for Anything.

Still, the Space Station is split into two parts, and Space Station 2 is the biggest and most open level... part of the way through I thought for a moment I'd escaped into the "free space" somehow! So maybe it was deliberate.

Only Terry has the answers :vitellary:
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