"Vertical Vehicle", (Automatic Level) by Dorkster

Started by Dorkster, February 09, 2012, 10:41:41 AM

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This is my first time posting a level here, although not my first level been made. I've played around with the level editor before making this one. I want to make some sort of unique level, but I'm still a little lost on scripting. (It would be helpful if there's a list of commands ingame) I figured making an automatic level, where you don't even have to press any button at all! (actually, except one part)

It's a rather short level, I might think about extending it later when I feel like it.
No screenshot for this one, because I think it might kinda spoil the level.



Whoa! Very good level! How long did it take to make this level? It's awesome! How did you even can make this? It was so fun to watch  :viridian: go itself.


That was a really cool level!


Very, very cool :viridian: A few other people have done experiments around this idea, but this is the most elaborate take so far!


I've 'played' this level, and I must say, it's extremely well thought-out and complex; I wonder if you took much time to organize each room.

Heh, I checked around the terminals in the level editor. I expected some Easter egg from that!


Hell, I loved this. Thanks for sharing. The unique button pressing for the trinket seems me a bit out of place, though.