Invincibility and spikes

Started by FIQ, March 28, 2012, 03:53:38 PM

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Why does invincibility make spikes solid? That's usually nothing else than annoying IMO, and it even breaks things, partially in the real game (for example in That's Why I have To Kill You), but mostly in custom levels.
I understand the reasoning behind not fixing much with it (hey, it even deleted saves in 1.2!), but I can see it being used when debugging a level to play through it to see if there's no bugs in the level w/o bothering with any puzzles too much. From that perspective, making spikes solid is contraproductive.

And no, I don't use invincibility other than for exprimenting with things or to debug my levels. The latter is why I'm annoyed by this.

If you're pointing at graphical glitches - fine, but they're not near as bad, IMO.

Also, they aren't solid in Tower Tileset - so I don't see any bugs with making them transparent (as in the normal mode).


Invincibility mode is not really meant to be used at all, by anyone. Also, if you're testing your levels with invincibity mode enabled, there's a good chance you're not getting an accurate picture of how difficult it really is (and 99% of player VVVVVV levels are too difficult to be much fun to anyone except hardcore players).


I get your point. Also, I always playtest designs w/o invincibility. But my point is that if you want to go through it if you're using complex scripting, to see if everything works, it'll go quicker with it.

Fair enough though.