Flash application/game programming

Started by FIQ, March 27, 2012, 01:27:30 PM

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Hi. I'm going to have a simple school project in which I have to do something using Flash. I though of doing a simple game. I've experiences with programming before (PHP, JavaScript, Java, and some Python) so I've got the hang of "programming logic". I'm aware that Flash scripting (ActionScript) is pretty much JavaScript - AS3 is even fully ECMAScript 5 compatible, but I wonder this:

Do you use any special kind of software for programming games (from simple games like Hexagon to more advanced things like VVVVVV), or do you just use Adobe Flash CS3 Professional (or similar)?

My question is pointed at anyone with experiences with this.


You can try Stencyl which is nice "visual" game making software that can export to flash (free version put splashscreen/logo in preloader though).

//edit: Of course in Stencyl you can use AS3 too, even code whole game in it, but here you have also built-in level editor so you don't have to hardcode levels/make importers for levels made in programs like Tiled.