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Cut centralisation
« on: April 01, 2012, 07:41:40 am »
Cuts are extremely frequent in VVVVVV levels! Some of these cuts use the level-breaking glitches I mentioned in this topic:
Now, I'm making a list of the cuts I know. You can help me answering me with other cuts you found: to signal me a cut, tell me:
  • the level where you found it;
  • the room where the cut starts (possibly with the part of the room you're in) and the room where it finishes (OR the skipped part)
  • how hard you think it's to execute (between very easy, easy, medium difficulty, hard or very hard);
  • if it lets you take all the trinkets, it only lets you take the crewmates or if it just goes to the level's last room;
  • and finally, how to make it.
Examples of cuts I found myself:
  • A New dimension: from "Believe in yourself" to "Outer Space".
    Easy. Forgoes trinkets.
    Step 1: rescue Violet and come back to the right part of the room
    Step 2: use the wrapline glitch to go back to a previous part of the level ("You can rush it or take it slow")
    Step 3: re-use the wrapline glitch with the medium part of the room, to go to the right and being flipped. You'll land in "Head fake".
    Step 4: go to "Minos made me my magnificent maze" and use the wrapline glitch to the right of the room. You'll land under "Chip of the old block".
    Step 5: travel through the empty space to the right to get to the "Outer Space" rooms, and it's done! ;)
  • DSS Ideal X, skipping the warpzone sub-level.
    Very easy. Skips trinkets.
    Once you have unlocked the access to the containment's first room, enter it, and activate the checkpoint. Exit the room and kill yourself. The containment wormhole is now active :P
  • DSS Ideal X, from "Security Grid" (broken version) to the ending of the level.
    Hard. Forgoes trinkets.
    Step 1: Go where Viridian is on the attached picture. (Yes, it's the hard part)
    Step 2: Go to the room on the right (which isn't "Reactor core" :o), and advance 2 more rooms to the right. You should land on the roof of a corridor of the intact ship.
    Step 3: Flip. You'll land under the teleporter room of the end of the level. Flip again and you have one chance out of two to enter the room ;)
  • Line wrap: from "Thinking outside the box" to "Binary system".
    Medium difficulty. Doesn't forget any trinket nor crewmate!
    Step 1: Once you've got the trinket, use the wrapline glitch to go to the empty space on the left.
    Step 2: You're now under the spiky pits of the beginning of the level. Flip and you will either fall down the empty space (what you want) or go up and die (stupid death :violet:)
    Step 3: I suppose you're falling. If you're not because you died, go back to step 1. Now, fall for two rooms then go right. And now, you're in "Binary system"! And I hope you could avoid the spikes in the middle of the room.
  • Line wrap: from "Thinking outside the box" to "Lower Level"
    Very hard. Doesn't forget any trinket nor crewmate!
    I don't know how to describe it; I'll someday post a map of the level with the route I followed. This cut requires MANY luck and a good memory of where you are. It makes you enter "Central processing unit" by its top!
  • CCCCCCCCCC Retold: from "Half Slalom" (level 2 part) to "Half slalom" (level 9 part).
    Very hard to do. Forgoes trinkets.
    Step 1: Activate the checkpoint and the terminal.
    Step 2: Go to "Overused gameplay mechanics". Don't activate the checkpoint.
    Step 3: Try to die at the exact moment you enter the scriptbox that is supposed to destroy the gravitylines. If it's done correctly, once you respawn in "Half Slalom", the gravitylines have vanished! :vermillion:
[li]Reactor Disaster: skipping all the trinkets.
Easy to do. Forgoes trinkets.
Step 1: Rescue the first four crewmates, and go back to "Powerful stuff".
Step 2: Without touching checkpoints, go to the terminal in "The things we die for", activate it andwhile the dialoglines set up, press R. And you'll respawn in front of a generator lacking gravlines.
That's all the cuts I know! I'll update this post when you'll give new cuts!
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