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Started by darkhog, April 03, 2012, 01:27:57 PM

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So there going my new game project (Yeah, I know I was supposed to finish Ultra Gravitron first, just was inexperienced at that time with Game Develop and faced implementation difficulties. I'll back to this sometime).

Game will be called Pacoban. Pacoban will be crossover between Pacman and Sokoban. In each level you will have two goals: Sokoban goal, which is to get boxes to right places and Pacman mode which is to take all pellets on Level avoiding ghosts at the same time. You'll be able to freely switch between Pacman and Sokoban modes.
- In Pacman mode you'll have to avoid ghosts and take pellets. You can't, however, move boxes as Pacman is too weak to move them.
- In Sokoban mode ghosts can't hurt you (simply goes thru you), but you can't take pellets.

Game will be NES-styled and will follow NES limitations (music/sound effects will be done with Famitracker). Though Sokoban guy has 4 colors (plus transparency), but on real NES game it would probably work like Megaman sprite from MM2 (it had more colors through smart sprite and palette handling, actually it contained from two separate sprites with different palettes). Most of the artwork (except main menu logo and HUD) is already done. Actual screenshots will follow after I finish engine, though I can present spritesheets:


Sokoban guy moving & pushing (not based on the actual Sokoban sprites since they IMO sucks)

Yeah, I know I suck at animation.

Tiles (box, wall and floor tiles):



//edit: Animation order for pacman/Sokoban guy is 1,2,3,2. Graphics in game will be doublescaled to increase pixelated NES joy.
//edit #2: Now that I think of, perhaps I should use different palette for walls. Maybe more brick-like.

//edit #3: Yeah, that looks much better now:

//edit #4: Oops, please move to General discussion. I was totally wrong by posting this here.