2 Edit Buttons?

Started by blue626, May 20, 2012, 04:45:30 PM

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Why are there 2 edit buttons for editing the post? One (the one that says "modify") allows formatted text, smileys,etc. And the other stays in the thread page and doesn't allow formatted text, smileys,etc.;unless you write the code. Why?

EDIT: If you use the "Modify" button and save, the date of the last edit will appear. If you use the other one it won't appear. So, can you guess which button I used for this edit?

EDIT 2: The last edit I wrote was wrong. See my last post of this thread.


That's more a question to the SMF developers, which this forum uses.



I found it in SMF website (in FIQ's post). If anyone is curious, here it is:
The "Modify" button is for the Normal Edit, the other one is for Quick Edit. The benefit for the Quick Edit must be that it doesn't need to refresh a page. However, like I said in my previous post, you'll need to insert the code for inserting smileys, formatted text, etc. It's like a Quick reply (to insert a Quick Reply, go to the bottom of the page). The Normal edit lets you insert smileys, etc. with one click, but it needs to refresh the posting page, just like the "Normal" reply.

EDIT: I discovered that when using the Quick Edit it also shows the date of the last edit. I edited now using Quick Edit.