Gem Hunter - my new 3D game, first game to sell.

Started by darkhog, May 20, 2012, 10:25:40 AM

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I'm developing 3D game using JMonkeyEngine and it is almost finished (engine is finished 100%, all menus, etc. works, but I need to make more levels and polish it out). Thread on 0x10c forums (yeah, I'm a bit lazy and busy making levels, for now I have just 14): . Maybe I'll repost later.

The game is a labyrinth-type game. You find yourself trapped in a labyrinth looking for red gemstones in order to get out. Graphics are similar to graphics from Wolf3D, but textures are high-res, so it looks better.

Game will be pretty cheap, probably $2.86 and available on IndieVania.

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