Game Develop - great free game making tool

Started by darkhog, January 02, 2012, 11:06:01 PM

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I know that you're interested in playing games, but did you even wanted to make one? Here it goes...
I've recently stumbled upon this gem. It is great game making tool. It is also free (as in free beer) to use and very easy. Let's say that if you worked with Clickteam's TGF/MMF series or Construct, you'll quickly learn it (matter of few hours).

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR LINUX USERS: Temporarily Linux version is broken (I've found bug preventing it from working), so you'll need to use this download link:

Above message was posted by me on other board (except of first line and "-------" things) and because of that this post have some degree of inconsistency.

Anyway, this program is very good as it require no programming knowledge AT ALL (even so little as for VVVVVV scripting) - you can make game without coding a line! But, if you want, you can use C++ code in your project. Because of that this tool is very flexible. And you can make your game for all most used platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). Very liberal license also allows you to sell games made with this tool without paying any royalties to CompilGames (of course it would be fair to donate them - I'll do it whenever I get paid this month and I rarely buy software/donate software projects)