Don't post in the spambot thread next to this one

Started by StephenM3, January 13, 2010, 02:59:13 AM

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(Just a warning; if you post in them, that can attract more attention from future bots.)  Feel free to delete this thread with the other one; I just couldn't think of a better way to say this.  ;)


Link clicking is also a no-no, obviously.

Terry, I'd suggest you install reCAPTCHA on here or something. It cut out all the spambots from my SMF-based forum.


Yeah, I really need to get around to sprucing this forum up in general...


Eek, sorry - I wasn't able to log into the forum when I was at TIGJam. I've cleaned up the spam - I'll add a captcha or something when I get a chance.


Ok, done. That should put a stop to the spam. :viridian:


Ugh.  Terry, it looks about time this forum got some mods.  I'm watching this guy post thread after thread, and I see there are at least a couple others online right now too, and there's nothing anyone can do about it!  :victoria:

Why can't we live in a world were we can depend on basic human decency?  Also, why does this guy seem to think that people seeking pirated software would look on the developer's forum?

EDIT:  Ahahahaha

I PM'd the account just out of curiosity.  Is this a bot that someone slipped past the captcha, or just a really dedicated user?  The response was a PM identical to all those posts, then nothing.  "Ok, so a bot," I assumed.  But, something spurred me to PM reply again.  BAM, suddenly my inbox was filling up with PMs, all telling me to follow the url to free VVVVVV and PPPPPP.  I've got 21 of them, and counting.   :vermillion:

I can't find this anything but funny, though.  As soon as the account is banned and the thread are deleted, all harm is gone.

EDIT AGAIN: wow, he sees me!  :D   

man, I hope Terry logs in soon.  This forum is completely useless!  I wanted to talk about an impressive speedrun I saw on youtube.  :victoria:



I can mod if you like.  Though it appears you cleaned up the boards pretty quickly without a mod anyway.


I made Souleye a mod and asked StephenM3. That'll probably do!


I'll volunteer in advance for modding if there's ever another situation as bad as this one.

Though! If it makes you feel better, both of his links were consistently terrible! I believe VVVVVV linked to the leaked beta standalone which doesn't work, and the soundtrack was a great deal smaller in size than it should be.


Yeah, I didn't download it but judging by the size it was the pre-release beta. Could not verify if it works or not but either way, it wasn't the full version you released.

I'm also pretty sure you can find a way to detect a spammer before he spams. Say if he has x amount of messages in x amount of minutes to auto ban.