I for one welcome our new moderator overlords

I started a forum! Not sure if it’s going to stay, but I thought it might be fun to try for a while.

Right now it’s just a vanilla SMF, but I’m going to do some messing about with it to make it a fun place to hang out. Here are some rough ideas I’ve had for improvements:

(1) A bot will respond to every new topic with the reply “OMG FIRST POST!!!!1”.
(2) Every Sunday, all members with an even number of posts will be permanently banned.
(3) After every 14 posts, the bot will reply with “Second Page 8)”.
(4) A word censor will replace all instances of “!” with “!!!!!!1111”.
(4) The word censor will also replace the use of the word “heh” with this image:

(5) Semicolons will be replaced with this image:

Have fun!


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  1. Josiah Tobin on July 11th, 2007

    Nice, I just registered. ๐Ÿ™‚
    You are joking about those censors, right? (I have a horrible time discerning humor/sarcasm online) I happen to make frequent use of the semicolon, so that would get a bit weird. ๐Ÿ˜› (‘‘ has always bugged me though)


  2. Josiah Tobin on July 11th, 2007

    Alright, apparently my mind has become completely inept today. Somehow, I missed all the joke ideas before those two. Sorry about that. :p


  3. Terry on July 11th, 2007

    , no worries.

    ” is an online habit that I know I use too much, but I can’t seem to stop using it. .

  4. stephen on July 11th, 2007


    Don’t have time to go near any more fora myself for the moment, . (you could have a wordpress filter do the same things for comments…heaven forbid).

  5. Terry on July 11th, 2007

    Ohh, cool, fora ๐Ÿ™‚ Haven’t seen that word in a while!!!!!!1111

    you could have a wordpress filter do the same things for comments”ยฆheaven forbid

    Not a bad idea I’ll try it out in this topic to see what it’s like!!!!!!1111

  6. icecube on July 30th, 2007