Big news, guys! I’m launching a MASSIVE update to VVVVVV today, as part of the new Humble Indie Bundle! This is a complete rewrite of the game to C++, making it run faster and better on Windows, Mac, and, finally, on Linux!

But even more than that: there’s now also a level editor in the game! I’m really excited about this – it’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since launch last year. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working flat out, trying to make this as powerful and simple to use as possible, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what people do with it.

While working on the editor, I sent early versions to a few friends and asked them to have a go at making something with it. Everyone came through big time; I’m totally blown away at what they came up with! Those ten levels are included with the new version. Let me tell you a bit about them (and the people that made em):

Robson: Pyramid of Doom

Robson is the creator of YYYYYY, an awesome ASCII demake of VVVVVV which I loved to bits. His level is an extremely cool themed world called “Pyramid of Doom”, which incidently is one of the easier levels in the pack, so it might be a good place to start if your VVVVVV skills are rusty…

Jonathan Whiting: Vertiginous Viridian

Jonathan Whiting is the indie developer responsible for Stalwart, Love Letter, Crushd and Jed, among many other games. I’m a big fan of his level design! He frequently attends the jams we hold in Cambridge, and was one of the first people I thought of for this. His level, “Vertiginous Viridian”, does some really clever things and explores some very interesting level ideas!

Magnus PÁΒ₯lsson
: Dual Challenge and A New Dimension

Magnus PÁΒ₯lsson, aka Souleye, is the musician for VVVVVV! I’m really impressed with his levels for this – he made two, “Dual Challenge” and “A New Dimension“, and it’s clear he really put his heart and soul into them. I love these levels because they feel like his music – in that they’re saturated with ideas and little details and care. His “New Dimension” level is also by far the biggest of the pack, occupying a very good chunk of a 20×20 map!

(Incidently, Magnus’ levels are the only ones of the pack to use scripting, which unfortunately wasn’t implemented in time for other people to use it.)

Craig Forrester
: Variation Venture

Craig Forrester, aka Ishi, is a UK indie developer and also attends the jams here in Cambridge. He’s the creator of the awesome Xbox Indies title Upbot Goes Up, as well as Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp and the awesome two player platformer Treasure Treasure. His level is “Variation Venture”, and is a short adventure divided into four parts around a central hub!

Roger Svanlund
: Line Wrap, Roadtrip to the Moon, and Golden Spiral

You might know Roger Svanlund, aka Rox as the creator of that super cool 3D mockup video VVVVVVX! Rox made not one, but three levels for the new version of the game! My favourite of his is “Line Wrap”, which is a great looking themed level that does some clever things with wraping rooms. He also made “Roadtrip to the Moon”, and “Golden Spiral”, which is without a doubt the trickiest level of the ten!

: Variety Show

Whirligig is the creator of the other ASCII demake of VVVVVV, titled CCCCCCCCCC. It’s a really clever and well put together game, that, like Robson’s YYYYYY, brings lots of it’s own ideas to expand the basic concept of the game. His level, “Variety Show”, is a bit like his levels from CCCCCCCCCC, with big open rooms.

: VVVV 4k

I’m sure Notch needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway – Notch is the creator of Minecraft, one of my favourite games. He’s also a frequent partipant in online coding contests like Ludum Dare and Java4k. To some of you, his level, “VVVV 4k” might be familar! This is a port of his awesome 4k demake of VVVVVV for last year’s Java 4k contest.

As for a new level of my own? Stay tuned πŸ™‚

If you bought VVVVVV directly from me, you should very soon receive an email with a new download link! If you got it on Steam, it should be updated automatically there very shortly too. Unfortunately the Mac App Store will take a little longer as it needs to go through the approval process. But if you bought the game there (or anywhere else) and want to download the new version, get in touch and I’ll send you a link πŸ™‚

If you wanna get started making levels, I’ve posted a short tutorial on my forums! Incidentally, my forums are the place to post and find new levels. πŸ™‚

One last thing: I’d like to thank everyone involved for making this happen – everyone above who worked on levels packaged with this version, John Graham and Jeffrey Rosen for organising the bundle, and in particular, Simon Roth, who created the C++ port, and tirelessly worked long nights with me to get this version of the game ready for the launch.

Thanks everyone πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy the new version of VVVVVV!

118 thoughts on “VVVVVV version 2.0 launches in the new Humble Indie Bundle”
  1. I bought the game straight from you, but I’m okay with getting it again on the Humble Bundle.

    Will we be able to use our savegames with the new C version?

  2. Sadly, no! The save files aren’t compatible; it’s a total rewrite of the game πŸ™ We’re gonna have a go at writing an exporter, though…

  3. I’m totally looking forward to it since I haven’t played VVVVVV for a long time. Cant’ wait to try out the levels from Robson and Notch.
    I hope that the update on Steam gets approved soon.

  4. Really cool that you’re giving this for free to people that bought the game previously! I think I’ll buy a copy again though πŸ™‚

  5. @Mark: Kongregate is kind of a special case, as the online version won’t be getting updated anymore. However, if you bought the game on Kongregate, you can just email with your receipt and I’ll send you a download for the new version!

  6. I feel really bad for only paying 1 dollar for the bundle, only, I bought VVVVVV plus the Soundtrack a few days after the first release, and the only reason I’m getting this package is to get the new update for VVVVVV quick (don’t have patience to wait for the email)
    So please forgive me. πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh wow, this came as a surprise. This is amazing! I’ll have to get myself on the level editor right away.

  8. Really good idea I have to say, VVVVVV strikes me as the kind of game that would become a bit of a cult following (Which it is already, by all accounts πŸ™‚ ) if it allowed level editors like this.

  9. I’m curious as to why you felt it necessary to write a C port of the game? Was there something the Flash version didn’t allow you to do?

  10. Save games aren’t compatible?

    Gee, I guess that means I have to play through VVVVVV again! Woe is me!

    One question, though…does the new version have gamepad support? No big deal, but it would be nice!

    Thanks for the update, Terry! I re-bought thru the Humble Bundle just for the convenience of Steam support.

  11. Xiotex: The level editor stuff would have been *very* tricky to do properly in flash – also, frankly, it wasn’t looking like flash support on Linux was going to improve any time soon. Also, this version should be a lot faster for more people πŸ™‚

  12. This is amazing, and a weird coincidence too — I was literally just thinking yesterday how crazy the VVVVVV community could get with an officially supported level editor. It also greatly increases replayability (levels for Doom are still being released every week, for the past 18 years!)

  13. Well, I got the download link for VVVVVV 2.0 (thanks), and I installed it… tried out the 4k created level, decided to quit, and the game just crashed. Hard.

    As in, it went to a black screen and Captain Viridian’s voice kept looping over and over.

    … I’m not sure what I did, but I have an uncanny ability to make games crash. :p

  14. Just downloaded the 2.0 version for Mac OSX 10.5.8 and it crashes when I try to open it! I suspect I might not be the only one having this happen to them.

    Very looking forward to playing the new stuff in this great game, though!

  15. There is voice???

    Bought with the Bundle, a big thx to you for this beautiful game! I thought i could be productive this evening than came the bundle πŸ˜‰

    Good night!

  16. Hello i just downloaded it for mac. i use mac os 10.4 and it wont open correctly? aint there a support for 10.4,or why doesnt it open? anybody cant help? i love VVVVVV and wanna play it! :/

    thanks for help

  17. Great news, thanks for the effort, Terry!

    Is there some user guide included somewhere? I see that most of the features in this editor are quite obvious, but some (platform bounds, script editor) may require some explaining.

    I wonder how good V (and the new editor) can serve for telling stories. The original campain already did a good job with this.

  18. My mac OSX version isn’t loading properly, either.

    I am currently on osx version 10.5.8

    I even downloaded (and paid for) the Humble Indie Bundle and it’s still not working.

    Hope you fix it soon!

  19. Wow, what a great update!

    A few questions:

    1. Where are save files located now?

    2. None of the custom levels I’ve tried so far allow use of the map. Vertiginous Viridian, for example, would definitely benefit from being able to see the map. Is there currently no way to enable the map for custom levels?

    3. In each of the custom levels I’ve completed so far, the game exits back to the menu immediately upon touching the last remaining crew member. This is annoying because it disallows further exploration and trinket collection. Should this maybe not be the default behavior? (Again, this is especially frustrating for a map like Vertiginous Viridian.


  20. Thanks Terry, really looking forward to the new levels. πŸ™‚

    Are you going to look into Steam cloud support again now that you have a C version?

  21. Terry, PLEASE update the Mac App Store version of VVVVVV for this, I need this right now!!!!!!!!!!! AAAGGGGGGHHHHHH

    Looks epic!

  22. Sorry, Zephyrdood, the Mac App Store version will be a day or two, due to the approval process! But feel free to email me if you want it sooner πŸ™‚

  23. I will be so thankful when you release the save exporter. I just beat the steam version (including all the trinkets) without knowing it was an older version.

    There’s no way I’m doing “Getting here is only half the fun” again.

    Great game! Thanks for including it as a part of the Bundle.

  24. Nice going, Terry–looking very much forward to playing 2.0! Since my original completed save file was cleared with my Flash cookies, it looks like I’ll be starting from the beginning… which I don’t mind at all.

  25. I thought version 2.0 might be a good time to record a new hiscore in the Super Gravitron.

    Unfortunately, I can’t get FRAPS to work with the new version. Is there any way to fix this?

    And since I doubt it, is there another convenient program to record amazing Gravitron runs?

    At least the custom levels will keep me sharp until a recording solution appears πŸ™‚

  26. I have Mac OS 10.4, and the original version of VVVVVV worked flawlessly, but I can’t even open the 2.0 update because it’s not “supported on this system.” What can I do?

  27. I lost all my save data for this in a (viral) fire recently, and was listening to the soundtrack on my 3DS yesterday. Just as I was psyching myself up to go through the mental and physical trauma of Veni, Vidi, Vici again this morning, what do you know, this update was released! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for giving my third-favorite game of all time a second life for me, Terry.

  28. Bought the humble bundle without even knowing about the new version. Can’t wait until 2.0 makes it’s way to steam.

    I was hoping that since I already had VVVVVV on steam that the humble bundle would give me a copy to gift, so I could further proselytize the game, no worries though.

    Is there an eta when the PC steam version will update?

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